Modular kitchen

Style of the whole house

Kitchen is the place where the cleanliness and style of the whole house is really reflected. Designers everywhere give a lot of importance to the looks of the kitchen. We at Bismi Interiors know this fact well and integrate style, comfort, and economic viability, in all of our designs. Our strategy of combining Italian and Indian designs gives you a complete kitchen.

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Wooden Flooring

Hardwood flooring Laminated flooring
Engineered flooring ...

Wooden flooring are considered rich and stylish. They are available in multiple patterns and give a warm feeling to a flooring. The flooring can further treated to give shine using the following treatments • Oil-modified urethane, Moisture-cured urethane treatment • Water-based urethane treatment • Penetrating Sealers, Paste Wax, Varnish, Lacquer, Shellac treatment. .

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Fall Ceiling

Perfect Solution for YOUR FALL CEILING.
Interior design and layout play a vital role in the aesthetic appeal of a home, office, hotels or any other interior space. Attractive colours or patterns, decorative wall panels, furniture, show pieces, indoor plants all are elements that are mostly considered in defining the internal ambience. Read More